In This Challenge You Will Learn How To...

Quickly Be Able to generate 5 Seller Leads that will generate you 5 Million in sales every single year even if you have no experience!
The Next '5 Sellers To 5 Million Referral Challenge' Starts August 16th.
There's still time for you to apply and get accepted into the challenge! Only Limited Spots Available!
The Next Challenge Starts August 16th 2021, Apply Now To Lock In Your Spot For This Challenge
We'll show you how to create 5 relationships for your business in 5 days that will help take you to 5 million in repeat sales every single year.
A Message From Jim Our Co-Founder:

Hey There!

Over the past year we've sold over $60 million by attracting the right relationships to us.

NOW copy the exact strategies that we've used to generate referral partners that sell multiple listings with us every single year.
We are looking for a handful of realtors looking to turn their business into 10+million dollar businesses who also have an interest investing in real estate at the same time.
So forget about calling everyone you know begging for business, open houses, paying for zillow leads and Facebook ads…
Because the new way of building a referral based business that we use has been proven to generate referral business reaching out to YOU and asking for YOU to be their agent.
When you join, you'll get our key strategies that we've used to break investor agent records and direct access for support (one year we did over 500 deals).

This Is Our Promise To You:

Our promise to you is that by the end of this challenge, you will have a Game Plan on exactly how you can grow your agent business and have Peace of Mind with how you can Safely invest at the same time.

What Other Top Investor Agents have to say about our game changing methods:

Check Out These Agent Results…

Sarah Owler

Before implementing our referrals system:
2019 - 3.3 million in sales

After implementing our system:
2020 - 6.6 Million in sales | 46.4% of all sales referrals from our system

Adam Droege

Before implementing our referrals system:
2019: 6.5 million in sales | 56.4% of all sales from referrals from our system

After implementing our system:
2020: 8.1 million in sales | 71.2% of all sales from referrals from our system

Jack Mccarthy

After implementing our system:
$25K in commissions pending 
(From implementing a tactic from day 1 of challenge)
$25K dollars in business from ONE free facebook post

Ross Belt

Before implementing our referrals system:
2018 - 3.2 million

After implementing our system:
2019 - 8 million
2020 - 9 million

Our Agents Have Real Investing Results...

Joe Jordan

Rental purchases past 6 months
$100K equity
$1K passive income

Dave Stelmacki

Last 4 Years: 129 Deals
$850,842.63 Revenue Generated

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level in 2021….

Then you simply CAN'T afford to miss this challenge where we are going to show you how to:
· Get quality FREE leads that want to work exclusively with you.
· Generate $5 million dollars of sales from just 5 contacts
· How to invest in real estate safely while massively growing your agent business at the same time
· Where to find unlimited funds you can use to personally flip houses
· How to get paid growing your agent business while learning to safely invest at the same time

Imagine having a game plan that will allow you to be CERTAIN that you can invest in real estate profitably AND grow your realtor business at the same time!

In this transformational 5 - day live learning experience, we will share with you our personal playbook, full of little-known secrets that have allowed us to go….
From a complete unknown and unproven agent investor to top 1% nation wide
From $0 in sales volume to over $60 million a year in sales volume.
From broke and unemployed to owning millions of dollars of real estate.

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level in 2021…then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge…

Why Learn Agent Investing From Us?
· We started out in real estate broke
· First year earned rookie of the year with 7 million in sales
· 27 million dollar in year two
· Million dollar portfolio by age 25
· Over 2,000 deals completed in St. Louis as investor agents
· Love the St. Louis Cardinals (duh)
EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: At Three Doors, we DO NOT believe in get rich quick. We help individuals learn and grow and provide strategies and knowledge to help them grow in real estate. We'll provide you with the knowledge and tools to put into practice, and that our students have seen success with. Stated by law, we cannot and will not make any guarantees that you will get any results or earn money with our ideas, or courses and training. We can help give you the tools and knowledge but it is up to you as an individual to put in the work, and utilize what we are teaching to help you grow your business. However none of what we teach is a promise or a guarantee of earnings, or business growth. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Strategies, knowledge, and tactics taught within this program may not be applicable to each state, region, or country. Currently we are using these strategies in the state of Missouri where we are seeing results with our company and our students. Be sure to always check or local and state real estate laws and your brokerage rules and guidelines before implementing any of these strategies. By interacting with Three Doors, you agree to do your own due diligence and hold harmless Three Doors and their associates, affiliates for any outcomes recommending by this training.
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